Starflyer 59 releases ‘Sunrise’ single from twentieth album, ‘Vanity’

Jason Martin is preparing to release his twentieth album called 'Vanity' through Cloud's Velvet Blue Music. He released the third single called Sunrise on August 20.
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If you were to dial back twenty-seven years, you’d probably find me listening to the debut album by Starflyer 59. My twenty year old mind was blown by the layers of lofi shoegaze guitars. I blasted that album on my small CD player, playing it far too loud than what the speakers could handle. Jason Martin‘s influence by British shoegaze and noise pop bands, like My Bloody Valentine, shown through with his wall of sound.

The debut album became known as Silver, simply because the album cover and the CD itself was a solid silver color (no text). Guitar melodies with tremolo effects broke through the wall of sound, as Jason Martin sang with an unassuming whispery voice. His sounds would only develop and improve.

In 1998, his wall of sound gave way to a mix of cleaner guitar tones and synths when he released The Fashion Focus, produced by the late Gene Eugene. I Drive A Lot opened this album, referencing his full-time job as a truck driver for his dad’s company (which he later became the owner of). Fell In Love At 22 was the standout track on that album, pulling from New Order and The Smiths.

Through the years, Starflyer 59 albums have involved Richard Swift, Frank Lenz (The Weepies), and TW Walsh (Pedro the Lion, The Soft Drugs). Former member Jeff Cloud now runs Velvet Blue Music, the label that Starflyer 59 is currently signed to.

I could go on about the albums he has released (and I’ll likely write such an article). But honestly, this is an amazing catalog to explore. You’ll find his discography with links below.

Martin is preparing to release his twentieth album called Vanity through Cloud’s Velvet Blue Music. He released the third single called Sunrise, on Friday, August 20. Sunrise follows singles Like to Lose and Life in Bed. These songs are incredible, and you can order 7″ and 12″ formats.

Vanity was produced by the brilliant TW Walsh. You’ve heard Walsh’s work with Pedro The Lion, the Lo Tom side-project (that Jason Martin and David Bazan are a member of), and his mastering on Sufjan Stevens, Cold War Kids, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and literally 1300 other projects (here are a few). Walsh also performed synthesizers on this album (he recently withdrew from most of his involvements in music and removed his music while he engages in teaching meditation classes). Steven Dail joins on bass (Project 86, White Lighter), and Jason Martiin’s 18 year old son Charlie Martin on drums.

You’ll find more details about Starflyer 59 and projects Jason Martin has and is involved in on the Starflyer Fandom site.

Starflyer 59 discography

Vanity LP – 2021
Miami EP – 2020
Young in My Head LP – 2019
Terror (single) – 2017
Slow LP – 2016
Like a Baby (single) – 2015
The Changing Of The Guard LP – 2010
Minor Keys EP – 2009
Ghosts Of The Past LP – 2009
Dial M LP – 2008
My Island LP – 2006
Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice LP
Silver LP – 2005 reissue
Gold LP – 2005 reissue
I Am The Portuguese Blues LP – 2004
Old LP – 2003
Can’t Stop Eating EP – 2002
Leave Here A Stranger LP – 2001
Easy Come, Easy Go LP – 2000
Everybody Makes Mistakes LP – 1999
The Fashion Focus LP – 1998
Americana LP – 1997
Starflyer 59 (Gold) LP – 1994
She’s The Queen LP – 1994
Silver LP – 1994

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