The Forms release ‘Southern Ocean’ 7″

The Forms have released their first music in ten years, dropping two new electro-pop singles as a 7": 'Southern Ocean', and 'Metadance'. The new singles were recorded by the brilliant Steve Albini of Electrical Audio.
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The Forms – Southern Ocean (YouTube)

The Forms have released their first music in ten years, dropping two new singles as a 7″: Southern Ocean, and Metadance. The brilliant Steve Albini of Electrical Audio recorded the new singles, who also recorded their incredible self-titled album in 2007. The songs are available as a 7″ vinyl through Open Ocean, a non-profit label sells vinyl with a pay-what-you-want model.

Southern Ocean has a math-influenced electro pop sound, combining drum loops, syncopated programmed synths and beats, giving the sound a mid-80s sound. The syncopation gives away in the chorus to a more dreamy synthwave melody, creating a contrasting dynamic that feels like an elation. The vocals are a bit post-punk, reminding me at times of David Byrne’s work with Talking Heads.

The music video for Southern Ocean combines beautiful black and white footage from the Southern Ocean. The description on YouTube provides insight into the song:
“The Southern Ocean was named the world’s Fifth Ocean by National Geographic on World Ocean Day 6.8.2021, and it serves as the main character in the video for the song it inspired, alongside the polar regions of the Earth.”

Metadance has a high-energy attitude, lacking the resolution you’ll find on Southern Ocean. The vocals work to a near scream, and the instrumentation becomes more tense as the song develops.

The Forms is a Queens duo, comprising of Alex Tween on vocals and instrumentation, and Matt Walsh on drums. Alex and Matt released two studio full-lengths, and an EP that reimagined their earlier work, between 2003 and 2011. During that time they worked with Steve Albini, Matt Berninger (The National), and Shudder To Think’s Craig Wedren.

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