Video Premiere: ASIA IMBISS – ‘Letter To My Haters’

Puddlegum premieres the ASIA IMBISS video of 'Letter To My Haters'. This debut single has a lo-fi indie pop sound, full of hooks.
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ASIA IMBISS – Letter To My Haters (YouTube)

Puddlegum is excited to premiere the ASIA IMBISS video: Letter To My Haters. This debut single has a lo-fi indie rock sound, full of hooks delivered with precision. The duo is made of multi-instrumentalists Stefan and Saskia Streck, and hail from Leipzig, Germany.

Layers of fuzzy guitars, warm tube amp tones, and light tremolo on a guitar melodies create a driving indie rock song with dynamic energy. Saskia’s vocals are produced really well, shifting throughout the song with varying effects, tones, and placements. Stefan tracked the vibrant guitars, and performed the drums impeccably.

Letter To My Haters is about growing up and leaving school. “It’s about leaving some people who tried to bully or obstruct you and finding your own way into the future, not knowing what it will hold,” the two shared with Puddlegum.

This is perfectly displayed in the music video by a teenage couple who pretend to get married after the girl finds a wedding dress in their camper. With soft drinks in hand, they take Polaroid photos of each other while enjoying ice cream shakes, exploring an abandoned building, and climbing a tower to overlook the city. Saskia directed this beautiful and brilliant music video (the footage was from Cottonbro Studio).

Stefan and Saskia Streck of ASIA IMBISS
Stefan and Saskia Streck of ASIA IMBISS (Instagram)

The story behind ASIA IMBISS

In 2019, Stefan and Saskia traveled through Asia, and it was there that ASIA IMBISS was born, “with a shot of Vodka and a punch of creativity at the kitchen table.” They began working on this project, which developed a well-polished lofi pop sound. Saskia also performs under the pseudonym of AUDIA.

Stefan is the DJ of an electronic project called The Micronaut. His music has drawn millions of plays on Spotify, between his own music and remixes of other artists. This past summer he released a full-length, Olympia (Summer Games), of intriguing samples and textures.

Their music pulls from several genres, mixing electronica, lofi dream pop, and straight-up indie sounds. Because the two bring great experience to ASIA IMBISS and know exactly how to achieve the sounds they’re after, this band is bound to release songs we’ll all enjoy.

Letter To My Haters is a powerful song that should grab the ears of many. This is one to share with you friends, with confidence they will do likewise.

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