Cathedral Bells – ‘Undertow’ (YouTube)

Puddlegum is excited to premiere the new Cathedral Bells music video for Undertow. Kim Weldin of Tape Waves joins Matthew Messore on this dreamy reverb-drenched single. It’s such a great song, one we’ve had on repeat. Messore is releasing this through the new net-label BIRTHDIY, a sister label to Spirit Goth.

Created by Molly Mary O’Brien of Audiofemme, the video clips of close-up foliage and flowers, and distant ocean waves shift between being fully saturated in color to grayscale. It’s a great video that matches this dreampop bop well.

Matthew Messore of Cathedral Bells

Matthew Messore shared with Puddlegum he first had an idea for this song while working on a b side to a previous project three years ago. The idea for the song shaped around a riff he had on a twelve-string acoustic, and it eventually took shape as Undertow.

Cathedral Bells joins artists TEEN BLUSH, dvd, VEDA and thirteen others on this new label. Josh from CASTELBEAT started Spirit Goth in 2016; the team also runs BIRTHDIY.

At Puddlegum, we’re very grateful for Matthew. He’s a key person on our team, managing our Puddlegum.tapes, communicating with artists and labels, and helping us curate songs. He is a champion for many, and we’re more than happy to support his music.