Cathedral Bells – Invisible (SoundCloud)

Cathedral Bell‘s Matthew Messore and his expanding band brings us Invisible, a new lo-fi dream pop single from their forthcoming album, titled Ether. Invisible picks up where their Velvet Spirit LP left off, but with increased audio production. The single was recently released on Spirit Goth; the band is wrapping up the album right now.

Opening with a patterned synth loop drenched in reverb that shifts sides with a sweeping a low-pass filter, a driving beat kicks you into the song as the synth fades out. Synths blend with guitars, sharing the same space with their bright plates placed behind the drums. A guitar melody dances from side to side at times, and synths hug the outer edge.

Vocals are layered in bright vocal plate and varying chorus effects, also bouncing from side to side, but spaced between the drums and instruments in depth. The beats emphasize the attack, giving the song loads of energy while inviting the mind to fill in the lower frequencies through psychoacoustics.

A moment I love is the transitional synth hook at 1:04 that opens the bridge; there isn’t a moment where the song invites you to pause. Invisible is marked by a sound that would make any Cure fans happy, a band that is a huge inspiration to Messore (see our interview with Messore).

Cathedral Bells is Matthew Messore as the songwriter and the artist behind the recordings. Aaron Gollubier is on drums, bringing a wide understanding of the music industry. And Kyle Hoffer recently joined the band on bass, a producer and recording engineer. This band is primed to play live once everything opens up.

We’re looking forward to hearing the rest of this album! Invisible holds a lot of promise.

Cathedral Bells – Invisible (YouTube)