Toledo releases new single and video: It’s Alive!

TOLEDO released a new single 'It's Alive!', and an animated music video. This single is acoustic driven and continues the soft sounds heard on 'Challenger', though a little more downtempo.
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TOLEDO – It’s Alive (YouTube)

Brooklynn artists TOLEDO released their second single, It’s Alive! This single is acoustic driven and continues the soft sounds heard on Challenger, though a little more downtempo. TOLEDO coupled the single with an incredible hand-drawn music video, animated by visual artist Gaia Alari from Milan, Italy. The flow of the music video is so soothing and matches the song perfectly; it is well worth your time.

Looking closely at the new single, Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Daniel Alvarez de Toledo finger pick the acoustic and double it. Panning the doubled acoustic hard left and right gives the song a nice dimension and dynamic. They add tremolo electric guitar melodies, simple percussion set behind this, very light chimes, and gentle synth pads in the background. It’s a really nice song.

TOLEDO – It’s Alive (SoundCloud)

It’s Alive! and Challenger will be on Jockeys of Love, a line from Challenger. The album is coming out February 12th, 2021 via Off Brand Records. It’s Alive! was mixed by Jorge Elbrecht, and mastered by Joe Lambert.

TOLEDO is so impressive with how hard they work. This is their twenty-first track they’ve put out since they began with Saint Sebastian EP in 2017, a straight-forward but beautiful folk ballads that they played classical guitar, mixed with light instrumentation. Their sound has since developed quite a bit with more complicated production, really interesting sounds, and layered vocals. This summer they released Everything So Far, an LP of all their songs. Elevating the listening experience, they’ve also released nine music videos, pulling in animators and videographers. Plus, they are producing other bands.

There’s a reason they attracted over two million streams on Spotify in 2020, a number that will likely increase with their new album coming in 2021.
TOLEDO – Challenger (SoundCloud)

We’re really looking forward to hearing more from this album. Please support the band by visiting the links below.

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