Review: Velvet Vision release their debut Self-Titled synth pop EP

Velvet Vision released their debut self-titled synth pop EP. Velvet Vision is the solo moniker of the talented Santa Fe artist Betty Taylor.
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Velvet Vision released their debut self-titled EP. This new project is the solo moniker of the very talented Santa Fe multi-instrumentalist Betty Taylor. She wrote and recorded everything on the synth pop EP, and Theo Krantz mixed and mastered the songs (Betty and Theo partner in an experimental orchestral duo called Et).

The EP opens with an electro pop song, I Was Such A Different Person Last Time, building on a patterned analog synth, a sawtooth bass line and glitch. A soft beat carries through the song, with layers of patterned synths filling the spectrum. A more prominent and rounded bass line comes in to underscore the melody. Betty’s vocals are layered with harmonies that are gently mixed into the tracks, running through a low-pass filter while being brightened with a soft reverb.

Wasting time, playing a game I learned I didn’t like
Never thought I was great with words but I tell myself it’s always good to try
You tell me I’ve stayed the same even though I tell you otherwise

Velvet Vision – I Was Such A Different Person Last Time (BandCamp)

The EP flows naturally with Springtime Buzz, a single that has brighter analog tones, with complex yet cohesive synth melodies. Each synth sound is shaped well and panned beautifully in the stereophonic field. Spoken word opens and closes the single, with less focus on what is being said, but rather the expression of the voice.

Velvet Vision – Springtime Buzz (YouTube)

About Flowers takes a different approach. Opening with a synth bass line (sounds like a Korg MS20 Mini), and synth pads that develop an electro pop melody. Layers of harmonic vocals act as an added pad. Spoken word between an adult and child, with manipulated pitches, help establish the mood. According to BandCamp, the samples in the final two tracks “contain samples sourced from Citizen DJ, a project by Brian Foo as part of the 2020 Innovator in Residence Program at the Library of Congress.”

Children playing in the background entice reflection and memories in the closing track, Epilogue. This track is an instrumental that has a sad tone. A reversed violin from a vintage synth voices the reflection, and reversed synth notes panned hard left and right add tension.

Time gives you an adverse effect and
memory doesn’t seem as sweet
I don’t think that I care
‘till your petals burn into my screen

Velvet Vision – About Flowers (BandCamp)

This debut EP is a very strong introduction: Four fantastic synth pop songs with wonderful compositions that flow from beginning to end, expressing heightened springtime emotions. I’m confident we’ll hear more from Betty Taylor.

Read more about Velvet Vision, including past and present projects that Betty Taylor is involved in.

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