Review: Omi Gelacio releases Dreamy ‘Tell Me’ single

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Reviews, Singles, Videos

Omi Gelacio is songwriter from coastal San Diego, California who began releasing music this year. We first heard his single Through You and it grabbed our attention, thanks to Spotify’s algorithms. Omar’s music (aka Omi) has a washed out dream pop sound, with lo-fi tones. He mixes a drum machine, surf-pop guitar, simple synths, dreamy background vocals, and lush vocals that are pushed down into the mix.

Omi’s latest single is Tell Me. It’s a downtempo reflective single about a struggling relationship. “Is this something that I’ve done? Tell me now. What did I do wrong?” He can’t get the lingering questions out of his mind. The guitars are mixed nicely behind the beat, some distant and others brought closer.

Omi Gelacio – Lost (YouTube)

His first single, Lost, has the strongest surf-pop vibes. His vocals are pushed back behind the music, which makes it an interesting mix. The guitars blend together to create a bedroom surf sound.

Omi brings his guitars toward the listener in Through You. The synths and background vocals are mixed with bright trailing reverbs to give it that ambient atmosphere. The melody of the song has a real memorable hook.

A fourth single is available only on SoundCloud, posted on March 3. Truth has a more driving guitar and prominent synths than the three available on Spotify.

A strength of Omi Gelacio’s music is that his music is easy to put on repeat. They’re great songs to drive to with the windows down. Four songs in and we’re hooked.

Omi Gelacio links:

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