Views From Space – ‘Other Side’ (YouTube)

Views From Space released a standout track called ‘Other Side‘. The single is lush with warm layers of synths, and ambient vocals. Omi Gelacio, the artist behind Views From Space, mixes several memorable melodies that appear in the song, played out by several synths; one melody repeats and intertwines with his vocals. The bass sound has a full tone that fills the low-end perfectly.

Coinciding the single release is a music video, pulling clips from ‘Suzhou He‘ (2000). The video portrays the longing for change that fill the lyrics. Omi described the song to Puddlegum, “The song is about being in a state of confusion and that feeling of a lost sense of direction/purpose without that certain someone.”

He described the song as, “a dreamy/lofi song that puts you in a trance and features a lot of synth work (analog pads,bells), heavy bass (Juno/808), layered reverby vocals, under a simple drum beat.”

This is the second Views from Space single, with a guitar driven ‘POV‘ that debuted in October (read our conversation with Omi about his first single).

Views From Space – ‘Other Side‘ lyrics

Oh I wanna change
But when you’re not around
I feel so phased
Oh my life is deranged
I wanna turnaround
All out of place

Help me through another night
So meet me on the other side
Help me through another night
So meet me on the other side

Oh its not the same
Can’t help, but feel so down
It’s all a game
Oh my life has changed
Why won’t you come around
Just come my way

— source for lyrics: YouTube

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