Husbands open 2022 with ‘Wishbone’

by | Jan 4, 2022 | BandCamp, News, Singles

Husbands didn’t wait long to release their first single of 2022, called ‘Wishbone’. The song mixes fuzzy guitars with a slap, moody synth tones, and drum machines. The vocal effects are superb, always shifting with the different parts and never sitting stagnant.

Danny Davis and Wil Norton share vocals. They’re joined by Samantha Crain on vocals, a Choctaw songwriter from their home state of Oklahoma. Wil played Moog on this single, and they both contributed guitars, synths, and drum machines. Danny did outstanding work on the mix.

Be sure to catch them on tour beginning later this month. They will be touring through Texas and into the Midwest, before heading out east. Their tour dates can be found on Bandcamp.

Husbands – ‘Wishbone’ lyrics

Live in the Digital Age
in the US of A
Drowned in pink lemonade and tequila

Mantra repeats in a drawl
“Hit this one over the wall”
Fast-walking olds at the mall
Trying to steal ya

“End all
Short side
Dead phone

Torch the old haunts
Rescind the amends
Betrayed yourself once
Now, do it again

Make it all up
A beautiful lie
Like when I told you I was
The Truth in my time

Talk to me, I know exactly how you feel
Grocery run in an empty city

Source: Bandcamp

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