Review: Yellow Dudes – Ordinary Films EP

by | Dec 18, 2020 | BandCamp, Reviews, Spotify

Mexico’s Yellow Dudes released a four-track EP, Ordinary Films. This twelve minute dream pop EP opens with Futuro (8mm), a track from an imaginative Super Eight camera. You can hear the camera whirring in the background with spoken word and ambient music playing.

Ordinary Films follows with chorus-laden electric guitars, drums coming in behind the music, bass playing rudimentary notes, and synth pads. The reverb in this is thick, blending sounds together and creating quite the mood. The video for this opening song acts as a teaser for the EP on YouTube.

Never Ending Memories continue to play off the film setting. In this guitar, electric leads plays really nice melodies that play off the vocals. Isabella Beru sings a mix of Spanish and English vocals. (I love that this band is singing partially in Spanish; there is room for more non-English bedroom pop.) This song in particular is quite moody. I particularly like the repeated echo of the snare hit (with the snare disengaged), echoing in the distance.

Night after night 
I can’t relapse 
Night after night 

Y, no queda más 
Nos vemos al fin 
Todo lo que fue 
Ya no existe más 

Yellow Dudes – Never Ending Memories (BandCamp)

I Still Feel… opens with a warping vocal that gives way to the main song (you can hear the play button being pressed, which is a nice connection with the rest of the EP). The analog synth takes the lead melody, as the song blends the instruments together with the thick ambient reverb setting behind the instruments. The vocals are the closest to the listen in this song, while the instruments are wrapping around them. The responding lead panned slightly left is so nice, and the closing 80’s influenced lead has such a nice attitude to bring the song to a close.

This is the third EP by Tepic, Nayarit, México’s Yellow Dudes they have been working on throughout 2020, and we’re thrilled with their development. Their sound is thick and full of mood on this EP, one to play on a dark night while in deep reflection. “With open eyes The future’s now remembering the past Will summer come, sometime again, in another life?” (Yellow Dudes – Ordinary Films).

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