Bathrobe is a Portland bedroom pop project by Rob Burton. They recently released a single, Flashbacks, a lo-fi cassette jam we can’t stop rewinding and hitting play. Flashbacks is a single from their third LP, Lockdown, coming in June. We’re excited to feature the song on our Puddlegum.tapes channel.

I remember long ago
On a holiday in snow
I had to put on a show
My brother saw me break my bone

Bathrobe – ‘Flashbacks’ (Bandcamp)

Bathrobe is self-described as, “Bathrobe’s top priority is quality assurance. As a musical organization Bathrobe is devoted to providing excellent auditory and vibrational services to the public.” We would agree they succeed at this.

Flashbacks is Bathrobe’s twentieth tune they’ve released, so if you dig this tape then check out their catalog on Bandcamp.

Enjoy the tape.

You’ll find Flashbacks on Bandcamp, YouTube, and Spotify.

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