Yot Club has two new singles, The Bay and Spiral Stairs. Ryan Kaiser‘s song sits perfectly with this 22 year old’s lo-fi bedroom pop releases. Spiral Stairs, his most recent single, is from a forthcoming collection of songs, Nature Machine, coming out July 14. We’re excited to share The Bay as our next Puddlegum.tape installment

Ryan shared with Puddlegum, “I slowed down and really took my time when I made this ep and I definitely think it shows.” He also shared that he’s releasing this through Nice Guys Records, and the next single is coming out in two weeks!

Yot Club has released three EPs, and three singles (not counting singles released on EPs) in the past eighteen months. Ryan produces his music in his home studio setup, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His sunny pop rock sound is very consistent, which shows that he’s self-aware of his influences, what Yot Club’s ‘sound’ is, and what he wants.

Yot Club – ‘Spiral Stairs’ (SoundCloud)

Don’t hesitate to tune into this tape.

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