Omi Gelacio of Views From Space DISCUSSES NEW PROJECT and debut ‘POV’ single

Omi Gelacio talks with Puddlegum about his new dream pop Views From Space project. He also released the incredible debut single, 'POV', and music video, today. The song mixes, "dreamy, reverb, jangle guitars and vocals."
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Omi Gelacio released two singles earlier this year with a dreamy lofi surf-pop sound, and we were hooked. This San Diego artist has formed a new project called Views From Space. Much in the same vein of his solo singles, Views From Space is a place where he can explore dream pop sounds. Today, he released an incredible debut single, POV, and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

I talked with Omi Gelacio about this indie project. “Views From Space will now be the name I am going by and am no longer making music under my Omi Gelacio Spotify artist,” Omi shared with Puddlegum.
Views From Space – POV (YouTube)

While I (through Puddlegum.Studio) have been working with Omi on a single for this new project, Omi produced, tracked, and mixed this single. “My first Views From Space single POV is an indie rock and dream pop song written and produced by me.”

“Instrumentally, it features a simple Linn drum beat,” Omi refers to the LinnDrum machine released in 1982. The song has, “dreamy, reverb, jangle guitars and vocals.”

“The song POV is about a failed relationship,” Omi opened up about the song. “Lyrically, it portrays my real perspective and thoughts on how my previous relationship did not work. I called this song ‘POV’ because lyrically it is the thoughts that I was having while I was in this relationship. I say ‘my point of view’ because the other person is persistent and is still hopeful that things will pull through but I have come to a conclusion that it will not.”

Along with the single, Omi is releasing a music video. The video uses clips from the 1968 film Confession. It fits the song perfectly.

Wasting time
With you
Im done

Want to let go
Of you
I can’t hold on

I said I’m through you
There’s nothing left to do
I can’t pursue you
From my point of view

Fell apart
Its true
Were under the ground

Want to move on
From you
I faded away

Views From Space – ‘POV’ (YouTube)

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