New Music: Ferdous, Cathedral Bells, Yot Club, Yumi Zouma

Ferdous releases debut EP, Cathedral Bells releases music video for Dark Aura, Yot Club drops Rental Car, and Yumi Zouma goes unplugged.
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Ferdous releases For My Own Sake (EP)

Afghani-Dutch artist Ferdous has released a six-track EP, For My Own Sake, his debut EP. This electronic synth pop extended play is full of hooks. All but one track flies under three minutes, with all instrumentation are synths or dum machines. For My Own Sake is one to place on play when you’re chilling with your friends.

Cathedral Bells releases Dark Aura music video

Cathedral Bells released a music video for Dark Aura, the second single from their forthcoming album, Ether. In the video, a character wanders the streets at night, seeing white sheet-clad ghosts when he looks through special glasses. It’s a great concept video! Ether will be released January 29th through Spirit Goth (pre-order on BandCamp).

Cathedral Bells – Dark Aura (YouTube)

Yot Club releases Rental Car single on SoundCloud

Yot Club released a single called Rental Car, solely on SoundCloud. Ryan mixes tremolo guitar with a saturated beat, and his signature distorted vocals. The song takes a surprising but really smooth turn near the end of the song with an analog synth and guitar tone change carrying the track to the end. Ryan has released a number of songs just on SoundCloud, elevating the platform for the purpose of b-sides and alternate versions.

Yumi Zouma releases unplugged version of In Camera

New Zealand dreampop artists Yumi Zouma released an unplugged version of In Camera. The song was originally released in 2018 as part of EP III. In Camera – Unplugged is a beautiful rendition, with doubled acoustic, piano, and up-close percussion.

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