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Caveman Releases ‘You Got A Feeling’ Music Video

Caveman – “You Got A Feeling” (YouTube)

Caveman released a music video for You Got A Feeling, yesterday. The single is from their New Sides EP they released several weeks ago. The EP has a great dream pop sound that Matthew Iwanusa of Caveman produced, and it’s been on repeat. This song is one that sticks in your head.

The video was produced, filmed and edited by Iwanusa of Caveman. It opens with footage of a cabin at night, hinting at the isolation many of us are experiencing. Inside (filmed elsewhere), Matthew sits on a couch wearing sunglasses and a brown Russian cap, strumming alone and singing You Got A Feeling. Candles are lit in front of him beside a bowl of fruit, and there are scenes of someone playing notes on a piano.

You got a feeling
I already know
You kept me waiting
I waited so long
I waited there for you

Caveman – “You Got A Feeling” (Genius)

It’s a great video and touches on the quarantine experience we can all connect with at a communal level.

The video is filmed vertically, aiming at mobile viewers. While horizontal videos are my preference, creating vertical videos makes sense. Stats show a staggering 75% of video plays are viewed on mobile devices, and 92% of those who watch a video on their cell phones are likely to share it with others. So, it only stands to reason that if a video is filmed to fit the form of mobile that viewers will be more likely to watch and share.

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