Caveman release ‘Helpless’ NEW WAVE single

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Caveman released their first single in eleven months, a highly personal New Wave song called Helpless. Helpless is the first single from their forthcoming album, Smash. The song was produced by Nico Chiotellis at Rivington 66 on a Neve console. They’re releasing their new music in July through Fortune Tellers Music, the label that released their New Sides EP (from 2020). Smash will be their first album since their 2016 full length, Otero War. “The new era starts now,” the band wrote on Instagram.

The song is rich with 80s synths that fill every space; classic drum machines and percussive sounds are prominent. The song takes their synth sounds while intensifying the layers, bringing the sounds closer to the listener, while building on the pop sensibility they shaped in Otero War.

“This song means a lot to us…”

This is a very personal song for the band, as it’s dealing with the loss of a close friend. They wrote on Instagram: “This song means a lot to us. It’s about a friend and family member that we sadly lost. But by putting out the song it’s also a happy moment which shows that even though people might not be with us anymore, their impact on us can last forever…”

Creating the song must have been cathartic, as they were able to express their sorrow, regrets, and sadness for their friend. In the song they repeat, “Tell me why you feel helpless. Just tell me now…” And, “You’re always on my mind.”

“Did you mean it
I never understood
Were you helpless
And couldn’t let me know”

Caveman – Helpless (BandCamp)

If you’re looking for a classic dream pop album (one that I consider classic), spend some time with their self-titled Caveman album from 2013. The songs are near perfection. Matthew Iwanusa, James Carbonetti and Jeff Berrall had met at the age of eighteen in high school, and quickly gained momentum. The self-titled album was their second full-length, and was released through Fat Possum Records.

Last year during the pandemic, they released a self-produced EP, New Sides. The songs on the EP were more guitar driven, with synths and harmonies filling the space. As a favorite dream pop band, we hoped the EP would signal that more music was on the way. So this new single and the promise of an album does not disappoint.

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