ford.: Fruit&Sun (YouTube)

ford. is twenty year-old producer Luc Bradford from Utah, who writes lofi beat driven electronic songs that are both chill and yet full of energy. He first caught my ear with 4:38am, a track that features Barrie from his sophomore album The Color of Nothing, released October 16. I realize I’m late to the party, though. ford. was nominated for Best Remixed Recording Grammy in 2019 for his remix of Mild Mind‘s Swim; both artists are part of Foreign Family Collective. The Color of Nothing vinyl ships November 30th.

Yesterday, November 10, he released a hypnotic video for Fruit&Sun, animated by Mitch Pond. The video matches the same animated style in the impressive In My Eyes video (also directed and animated by Pond). The animation matches his sound perfectly with its hopeful and curious intrigue.

ford.: In My Eyes (YouTube)

The Color of Nothing is comprised of eleven tracks, most of which are instrumental. Four songs with prominent vocals feature artists: Ayelle, Lani Rose, Verzache, and Barrie. But even on the instrumental songs, ford. mixes in tweaked out vocals as an added effect. He capitalizes on pumping the compression, a technique where the kick triggers the compression of the overall mix. The songs are brightly layered with intriguing sounds, tripped out synths, and danceable beats.

Bradford describes the album: “For me, the color of nothing is liberating. It is a blank canvas; a canvas where I can free myself of pre-conceived ideas and create openly. I like to think these songs were created from that same blank canvas—from the color of nothing where anything is possible—and therefore hope this album is an honest and genuine reflection of myself.” (Bandcamp)

ford.: The Color of Nothing (Spotify)

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