Thunder Dreamer might be one of the nicest bands you’ll meet. Filmed in their hometown of Evansville, Indiana, a city in the southwestern tip of the state, Thunder Dreamer released this beautiful video for Of A Million. Of A Million is a standout track off their new EP, Summer Sleeping, an EP they’ve spent the past two years working on. Don’t miss the EP, released through a their label Lonesome Morning Record Co., a label they describe as “an artist forward record label with a focus on honest & sustainable creative endeavors.”

Dead Rituals is a band led by creative Andrea Caccesse from Naples, Italy. He recorded the Dead Rituals II EP while traveling the US, Australia, and Europe, collaborating with various musicians along the way. Broken Memories is a dynamic dream gaze song that is portrayed well in this collage-styled music video. Andrea also runs Hideout Recordings, a studio in Naples, full of vintage analog gear.

Dead Rituals: Broken Memories (YouTube)

Israeli-based dream pop band Monad released a wonderful cover of Cocteau TwinsHeaven Or Las Vegas. The classic was released 30 years ago, in 1990. The music video is a psychedelic tripped out glitchy VHS footage. (If flashing images is an issue for you, you may want to pass on this.) Monad is led by Eshchar Nachmany, who creates music in the diverse city of Tel-Aviv. Esh released an EP earlier this year, Dissolution, that I’m confident you’ll enjoy.

Monad’s bio is so story-like, I want to share:

Monad’s musical project began in an avocado grove, where Esh Nachmany was surrounded by the sea and bountiful orchards. In an isolated house in the Moshav, Israel, Esh began to build a studio from scratch, remodeling broken tape machines and synths to construct layers of dreamy soundscapes and surrealistic futurism.

Monad: Heaven Or Las Vegas (YouTube)