Joyce – Simone

Joyce is a Brooklyn artist writing lo-fi bedroom pop in the shape of 60s surf. She recently released a single called Simone through Shy Ruckus (a Brooklyn record label). This is her first release since dropping two EPs in 2019.

Her sound is heavily defined by the chorus on her electric guitar. The low end is carved out of the mix (I would guess around 200Hz), and her vocals have a noticeable tape saturation. She’s consistent with her sound, carrying her 2019 EPs sound forward with the new single.

Mons Vi – Leave Me

Mons Vi – Leave Me (YouTube)

Mons Vi released a very personal song, Leave Me. The song is about losing his mom nine years ago. Instead of analyzing the song and video, I’ll simply allow him to share:

“Nine years ago, I lost my mom to suicide. At the time I was in shock and could barely feel anything at all. But a week after it happened, a song came to me that summed up what I was going through. That song was Leave Me, and it’s the song and music video I’m putting out today, on my mom’s birthday.

It’s not easy to talk about losing her because suicide is a subject people avoid. I’ve been making art that has helped me grieve and keep moving for years, but I was never able to open up about it directly. I have friends who I’ve known for a long time who have no idea any of this ever happened because I never wanted to bring it up. But I think it’s important that I share because I remember how alone I felt.

I don’t have a solution. There’s no quick fix, and not everyone heals the same way. All I can do is hope my story and art will help someone who needs it. It’s already helped me a lot.”

Mons Vi (Instagram)

Trankilo – the season we met

Trankilo released his debut original chillwave single, the season we met. The track has a nice drop beat, upright bass, and a dark vibey synth. The song is, “an artistic reflection of memory, and reminiscence.” Prior to this single, he remixed songs by Moxas and BrxknBxy, drawing over 800,000 streams. the season we met is the perfect song to drive to.

Trankilo – the season we met (SoundCloud)

Boo – i see a halo

Boo released her debut electronica single called i see a halo, via Ratface Records. Atmospheric synth pads with a wide stereo width, auto-tuned female vocals, patterned analog synth notes, and wind-like white noise that fades in and out. The song is quite the vibe and has had some recent love from BBC Introducing! Can’t wait to hear what she creates next!