Processions released their first single in two years, called ‘Acquiesce‘. The new single was released today by BIRTHDIY, Spirit Goth’s lo-fi DIY label. Phil Alfonso has been working with Puddlegum.Studio on a new EP (I mixed and mastered this track).

Acquiesce‘ opens with the sound of rain and haunting sounds that build until a bass note and live drum kit break the tension. Layers of smooth synth tones kick in, with Phil’s whispery vocals asking, “You say you love me. Do you really feel that?”

Phil shared with Puddlegum that with this EP, “I’m finally writing from my perspective.” As many of us can relate, the past two years have been far from easy, and Phil is writing from that place. “This EP is a collection of songs about the lowest point in my life. If 2020 was bad for everyone else, 2021 was indefinitely worse for me.”

Acquiesce‘ follows Processions’ 2019 EP, ‘Blush‘. Since then, Phil has relocated to Daytona Beach, Florida, and began writing songs during the summer months. The songs have a heavier focus on synths than his electric guitar driven EP. BirthDIY will be releasing the new EP later this month!