Stray Fossa released a b-side called Bear the Waves?, from a forthcoming EP titled With You For Ever B-Sides & Live. The EP will be released August 10, two months before they go on tour with Dreamgirl. The EP has two live songs from With You For Ever, a fantastic album they released earlier this year, along with two b-sides. (If you haven’t yet, grab their LP and become familiar.)

Bear the Waves? is, “a reworked version of an older tune for those who have been with us from day 1.” The original Bear the Waves was released in 2018, but we’re loving the new version. It has a more fluid feel, with analog sounds that simulate ocean waves, rich echoing reverb on the vocals. The performance on this b-side is above and beyond the original version. There are so many subtle details tucked away in this track. Will Evans‘ production is inspiring!

We’re moving out to the west coast, we used to say
However long it takes, we’ll hold the line
We’ll hold the line
But if it bottoms out we’ll throw the whole thing off
Pitch a castle somewhere no one can be bothering us
We’ve waited so long
We’ve waited so we’ll go wherever you’ll feel okay
And I know a place in the sun
I know a place in the palms of our hands
If you wanna bear the waves oh
If you wanna bear the waves?

Stray Fossa – Bear the Waves? (BandCamp)

Another major difference is that the lyrics have been rewritten entirely. Comparing the above with the original chorus, “It’s true, I left the sand to bear the waves. For you, but socialites and masquerades, got me.” So while the pull to ‘bear the waves’ is the same, their response to it has altered over the past three years.

The two live tracks were originally posted on Instagram. They performed Diving Line and Orange Days in their attic studio where they recorded their latest LP. Listening to this underscores how great this band is.

The band will be going on a short tour with Dreamgirl in October, including a show with PYNKIE. They will be returning to their hometown of Chartottesville, Virginia for a belated album release show for With You For Ever.

06 Oct – Philadelphia, PA – at Kung Fu Necktie Bar
07 Oct – Brooklyn, NY – at The Sultan Room w/ PYNKIE
08 Oct – Washington DC – at Pie Shop
09 Oct – Charlottesville, VA – (belated) ALBUM RELEASE SHOW at The Southern Cafe & Music Hall