New Music: Talkie, Mini Trees, Cousin Luke, Carey Clayton

New dreampop and bedroom pop singles from Talkie, Mini Trees, Cousin Luke, Carey Clayton. We're confident you'll enjoy these artists.
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Talkie – idontwannaletyougo

Talkie released a lush synth pop single, idontwannaletyougo, featuring Natalie Nicoles on vocals. Of the many Talkie songs I’ve listened to and enjoyed, this is easily my favorite of theirs. Add this song to your playlists.

Talkie is a four piece from San Francisco, drifting between the genres of indie rock, dream pop, and surf pop. idontwannaletyougo is a standout single. The synths have a rich and rounded analog sound, vocals are gently delivered and smoothed out with harmonies and reverb; the production is so smooth.

Moving through the dark,⁣
We couldn’t find where we left that spark.⁣
One thing never lost,⁣
After all of these words and thoughts⁣

Talkie – idontwannaletyougo (Instagram)

Mini Trees – Spring

Bedroom pop artist Mini Trees released a new single called Spring. The song takes bedroom pop elements and delivers beautifully. It’s no surprise to find Spring on Paste Music’s Best New Songs of the week, and featured on NPR Music’s New Music Friday playlist on Spotify. She will be releasing an LP later this year through Run For Cover.

Curled up in the back seat
I can read you like scenery
As if I know you still
So we’ll just float with what the tide brings
Can’t stop myself from wondering if you feel it as well

Mini Trees – Spring (BandCamp)

Lexi Vega of Mini Trees has been busy. She backed Julien Baker‘s Little Oblivions, along with tracking new music. Spring is the first single she has released since her 2020 Slip Away EP.

Cousin Luke – Deadlift

Cousin Luke is a Brooklyn dream pop duo who recently released their Deadlift single. They created almost all of the sounds on this song with a Critter and Guitari Organelle, an intriguing midi instrument.

They’re releasing more singles this Spring, so keep your eyes open. Between the warm analog tones and the dreamy vocals, this song has serious hooks. You can find this single on Dial Up Records‘ compilation, Vol. 1: The Organelle.

Carey Clayton – give it all away

Carey Clayton has a new song you’ll enjoy called give it all away. The song is described as turning, “the timeless theme of dying alone into an uplifting call to action, spreading love, and not holding back.” The music has thick atmospheric textures that wrap around you as you listen.

Clayton is no stranger to music. This Los Angeles artist has performed with bands at Bonnaroo and Firefly Fest, he is a touring and recording member of synth pop Great Good Fine Ok.

Carey Clayton – give it all away (SoundCloud)
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