Kevin Flick (Puddlegum) interviewed Eric Martin and Chris Isaacs of Talkie, discussing their new single, Love Me, Baby. They also talked about recording during the Pandemic, their 38 track EP, and favorite albums by The Beatles.

In this episode: Kevin Flick, Eric Martin, and Chris Isaacs
Time: 00:37:17 (excluding ads)
Podcast episode recording date: February 6, 2021
Podcast episode release date: February 10, 2021
Music in podcast: Saeyers (used by permission)

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In this Interview…

Chris Isaacs and Eric Martin talked about the formation of their band, which took place after their two bands toured together. They’ve since released 84 songs.

During the Pandemic, the band has been sharing Pro Tools sessions, each recording in their own home studios. Chris shared, “We’ve been sending things back and forth.” Eric added, “Love Me, Baby is one that just came out, and we had started it in our main studio. We were able to finish it remotely, and then we sent it off to Beau Sorenson, who mixed it remotely.” They discussed this experience of working remotely, which is new to the band.

Talkie (Brad Hagmann, Eric Martin, Matt Hagmann, Chris Isaacs)

Love Me, Baby by Talkie was released on January 22, 2021. Listen to it and support the band on BandCamp:

Talkie – Love Me, Baby (YouTube)

Talkie released a 38-track EP, Talkie EP Deluxe International, which comprises of unreleased songs since they began releasing music in 2015. Many of these are demos, along with a number of newer songs.

Here are three songs Talkie can’t stop listening to:

The Neighbourhood – Stargazing (YouTube)
Joji – Your Man (YouTube)

Talkie on Puddlegum

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