Whales & This Lake released You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore

by | May 11, 2021 | News, Singles, Spotify

Whales & This Lake – You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore (SoundCloud)

Norwegian band Whales & This Lake mix dream pop with lo-fi experimental indietronica. Their latest single You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore is both calming and edgy at the same time. The pumping side chain compression mixes with smooth synths and gentle guitar tones.

“It doesn’t feel like you calming me down no more”

Whales & This Lake – You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore

Whales & This Lake is a project by Hanz Olav Settem, Anders Søvik Hjelden, and Max Peder Brekke; Hans leads Benedikt, and has produced Simen Mitlid and most recently Beharie. The band was active from 2015 through 2019, and became a popular live electronic act in Norway. This song feels like a fresh return, branching away from the folk influenced bedroom sounds Hans has been releasing lately. While we might call this a side-project, it hardly is; the band has drawn over two million plays on Spotify.

They shared this about the song:
“‘You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore’ is a song about being paranoid in a relationship. Being at a good place in life, but constantly fearing for it to end, for things to change. The mellow sonic mood, mixed with chaotic and desperate musical elements is trying to illustrate this emotional turbulence.”

Their new song is released through Mitlid’s Koke Plate label, the first single from their forthcoming EP. The new EP will released on May 28, and we can’t wait to hear more!

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