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Yot Club quietly releases ‘SaveYourProgress’

Yot Club released a new track on BandCamp and SoundCloud called SaveYourProgress. The song mixes programmed synths with electric guitar tracks that are heavy chorus effects. He sings in falsetto, mixing in a vocal plate to blend the song with the track. Ryan Kaiser of Yot Club reserves these two platforms for unreleased songs and demos (SoundCloud has some of his officially released tracks).

Ryan has seen extraordinary success over the past few months. His song YKWIM? went viral on Tik Tok, and the popularity of the song shot up, briefly reaching the top streaming song in the world at one point. Rolling Stone Magazine‘s Breakthrough 25 lists him at number 20 (in the world) for the month of April. YKWIM? has had over 28 million streams on Spotify, with millions elsewhere, and his songs Japan and Fly Out West are also north of 1 million streams.

What happens when you see this sudden success? You sign to Elektra Records. There has been no official announcement, but Ryan has mentioned his new label on Instagram, and Wikipedia’s page for Elektra Records list him on their roster of artists.

We’re excited for Ryan, and can’t wait to hear his next official release. He’s currently writing new songs. (We interviewed Yot Club in December, 2020, prior to these developments.)

His success hints at growing interest for bedroom pop and dream pop artists. We suspect that we’ll see more artists in these genres breaking through.

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