New Eagle Eyed Tiger single, and Tuvaband full-length

Eagle Eyed Tiger released 'Descend (The Inverted Pyramid)' as his first single from 'Untether, Unravel' album. Tuvaband released 'Growing Pains & Pleasures', her third LP.
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Eagle Eyed Tiger – Descend (The Inverted Pyramid)

Eagle Eyed Tiger released Descend (The Inverted Pyramid) as his first single from his forthcoming album. Omar Rana will release Untether, Unravel album at the end of the summer, and plenty of content… along the way so keep your eyes peeled.”

We couldn’t get enough of his last album, Smile for the Camera, and we’re not disappointed with Descend. This single is synth driven, with programmed drums, and a guitar solo that comes in halfway through the track. His sweeping filters and pitch warps make the song super interesting. The song has retro 80s elements: the 80s synth bass, the guitar tone, and the synth pads all have a throwback feel.

Tuvaband – Growing Pains & Pleasures

Norwegian artist Tuvaband released a new full-length called Growing Pains & Pleasures. Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser has such a unique sound, I don’t think I’ve heard any other artist quite like her. She blends ambient instrumentations with dark and long trailing reverbs, beautiful electric guitars pushing through the ambience, and layers of vocals that create a thick texture.

I’ve been stuck to a basin full of worst case scenarios
I see signs of warnings, everything is precarious
The ceiling could fall down
And I’ll keep saying that I don’t mind

Tuvaband – Post Isolation (BandCamp)

The twelve tracks on Growing Pains & Pleasures have a consistent dream pop sound throughout, of songs written during the Pandemic, expressing the strong emotions that isolation brought on many of us. Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser produced the album, her third LP since debuting in 2017.

Tuvaband – Post Isolation (YouTube)
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