Review: Henry Nowhere – Think About Me (EP)

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Henry Nowhere – Think About Me EP (SoundCloud)

With the start of the new year, I find myself grabbing for relaxed sounds. One EP I’m really enjoying is Think About Me, by Henry Nowhere. Henry Moser is the artist behind Henry Nowhere, and he’s writing dreamy bedroom pop that I’m confident you’ll enjoy. This EP came out three weeks ago (through Sleep Well Records), and it’s the first of three EPs Henry Nowhere is planning to release within a short period of time. Henry shared with Puddlegum that the next two EPs will be released independently.

The first song, Think About Me, makes it apparent that the EP is about a relationship that ended. In this upbeat title-track, Henry Nowhere mixes Rhodes, subtle layers of vocal doubles and harmonies, guitar, bass, percussion, light synth, and strings. Between the guitar melody and the background vocals, this song is very catchy and smooth; it is written and produced extremely well.

“Am I in your memories?
Do you think about me?
Do you still think about me?
And how we use to be,
If only in your dreams.
Do you still think about me?”

Henry Nowhere – Think About Me
Henry Nowhere – Think About Me (SoundCloud)

Sad Songs follows, with a tension that carries the theme through regret. The dark chords on guitar with chorus, the slide guitar, acoustic strumming, a background organ, and what sounds like it might be a mellotron, Sad Songs really pulls at the listener.

Not so Easy is one of reflection. “I found it’s not so easy letting go.” There is a hint of hope while dealing with the loss. The tape warp and ambient guitar and synth is so nice. Again, the subtle vocal harmonies and layers really makes his sound shine.

Henry Nowhere – Something Changed (SoundCloud)

When I first listened to Something Changed, I thought Spotify had jumped to Whitney with the opening doubled guitar melody. This song has the most forward vocals. With the song about the hope that his significant other might return, yet a tinge of sadness that his hopes haven’t been realized, it fits that the sound shifts slightly. The steel guitar and laid back beat sitting in the pocket feels so nice. Something Changed closes the EP out well.

We’re looking forward to hearing the next Henry Nowhere EP! These songs really deserve to be heard by more.

By the way, look Henry Nowhere up on TikTok. He’s posting time-lapse videos of him sketching.

Dreamy bedroom pop EP by @henry_nowhere, the first of three EPs. Find it at @puddlegum: #dreampop

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