Secret Attraction released a new dream pop EP called Sensitivity/Drifting. This is the seventh EP (and three LPs) Derek Joseph Wise has released since he started Secret Attraction in 2016. Sensitivity/Drifting fits perfectly with A Love That Never Fades EP, released earlier this year. You can find his latest extended play record on BandCamp.

The EP opens with You, a song that picks up where Dancing Alone left off (find our review of A Love That Never Fades EP). This song opens with a simple guitar melody that is drenched in a trailing reverb. A drum loop comes in, set in a medium room, with percussive elements pushed behind it in a chamber reverb. Synth pads and tones back the electric guitar, until the guitar dies out at the beginning of the verse.

His vocals are unassuming and sung gently, “Precious time is all we need together. I know we’ve been through something I can’t explain. I know. All I see is you.” The song builds with synth layers, and a piano melody in the last 30 seconds, as he repeats the last line.

Drifting has a more tense sound. The synth pads are full, and the bass has a bouncy sound. Derek sings the lyrics in a whispery tone, set back in the music. “Every time I look at you. Every time I wanna feel your touch. I want you here forever.” The drums are washed out and set behind the music.

“Precious time is all we need together.
I know we’ve been through something I can’t explain.
I know.
All I see is you.”

Secret Attraction – You (BandCamp)

Sensitivity builds on the tension with bending notes and a rich sound. Synth pads carry the melody before the song scales back during the bridge. He pines, “Kiss my lips. Take me back to a place I’ve never been before. In my dreams I can’t wait to see you.”

The three songs have a consistent sound, using the same reverbs, and similar approach in the mix. Thematically, there’s a longing for the other, and the music echoes this in the colors and tones.

Derek shared with Puddlegum that he will be releasing an LP later this year through Stratford Ct. No date is set yet, but we’re looking forward to LP number four from this Phoenix, Arizona artist!

Secret Attraction discography

Sensitivity/Drifting EP, 2021
A Love That Never Fades EP, 2021
True Love EP, 2020
Strawberry EP, 2020
Summer Demos EP, 2020
Blush LP, 2019
Desire (Deluxe Edition) LP, 2019
Crush single, 2019
Day Dream EP, 2019
Promises EP, 2018
Always EP, 2017
Melt LP, 2016