New Singles: Kowloon, COLYER, Temple In Man, MAZ’N

New singles from Kowloon, Colyer, Temple In Man, MAZ'N.
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Kowloon – Hurt

Kowloon released his ninth indietronica single, Hurt. Few artists are as consistent as Kowloon is in writing danceable love songs you’ll put on repeat. Hurt comes right after the release of this film maker’s Hollywood is Under Water.

Kowloon – Hurt (SoundCloud)
Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water (SoundCloud)

Colyer – Pet Names

Los Angeles artist Colyer mixes dreamy lo-fi pop with soul in his latest single, Pet Names. Absolutely love the saturated vocals, and the throwback tones in this song. This song is fantastic!

Colyer – Pet Names (SoundCloud)

Temple In Man – Golden Sparks

Swedish artist Temple in Man pulls from 70’s soul while mixing lo-fi psych pop elements. Golden Sparks is his second single from his forthcoming self-titled album, a song about falling in love. “For me the song carries a kind of adolescent insecurity, like it’s the first time falling in love and all the new sensations that comes with that,” he explains.

Temple In Man – Golden Sparks (SoundCloud)

MAZ’N – Without

MAZ’N is a German artist producing chillwave and electronic music. He began releasing music last year, and Without is his seventh single. The song has a pulsating synth that carries through the song. His tuned vocals and the danceable beat mix so well with the chill nature of the synths.

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