A.M. Son Releases ‘In a Dream’, With LP Coming

A.M. Son releases their third single, 'In A Dream', a psych pop track so smooth you'll want to stream this late night when the stars are visible.
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Los Angeles artist Adam Paulson creates psych pop under the moniker A.M. Son. His music has a chill acoustic tone with psychedelic overtones. Today brings us In A Dream, the third single of 2023. It’s so relaxing and smooth you’ll want to stream this late night when the stars are visible.

Created to make anyone feel as if they were on the shores of a lake or in a small mountain cabin daydreaming and thinking.


Mystic Night and No One Else preceded In A Dream, all released via the French label Nice Guys, with a full length on the horizon titled Edge of the Divide. This will be his second LP.

Nice Guys writes that, “the young artist found inspiration during the pandemic to write about love, escapism, death and hope.”

Paulson’s lyricism is highly poetic and could stand on their own. In A Dream opens with strong imagery:

In a dream under the silk moon
You turned to me, how could I refuse?
A whisper far off told to let the night unfold
From a different point of view
The shadows turned to stone 
Suddenly a path arose
Where forgotten flowers bloom 

In A Dream (Bandcamp)

These three songs take us back to a mid 1970s sound, with bending analogue synths that remind us of Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I believe you’ll hear it too. Guitar melodies are reminiscent of Whitney; the production of these songs are brilliant.

FYI, there is also a music video for No One Else.

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