Barrie releases ‘Dig’ single

Barrie released 'Dig', her first single since being featured on ford.'s 4:38am track. 'Dig' is fairly stripped back and percussive.
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Barrie released a new single, Dig, her first since releasing 4:38am with ford. in October, 2020. Barrie is the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Barrie Lindsay. She released this single and her debut album, then as a band under the same name, through Winspear, the label that brought us Slow Pulp, Major Murphy, Amy O, Kevin Krauter, and many others.

She shared on Instagram the background to Dig:
“I’m very proud of this song. I recorded it in the middle of the night in Winter 2020 in my parents’ garage, feeling emotionally overwhelmed, walking back and forth shouting and clapping as loud as I could.”

Barrie – Dig (YouTube)

In 2019, Barrie released Happy to Be Here, a brilliantly produced dream pop album that was amazing from beginning to end. Each track was dense with layers that worked perfectly together.

Get out of the country
I know you can hear me
You always knew how to use a muscle
What’s a stop sign to a bull

I can’t get enough of you
I can’t get enough of you
Where did you come from?
Where did you come from?

Barrie – Dig (BandCamp)

Dig is initially stripped back, emphasizing percussive patterns and vocal shouts. As the song develops, the layers ebb and flow from acoustic guitar, piano, a smooth electric guitar, and bass, culminating into a powerful ending. The vocals are doubled with harmonies, juxtaposing between softly sung to top of the lung deliveries. It’s a great song, the first for Barrie Lindsay to record entirely by herself.

Joseph Lorge mixed the single (you’ve heard his work with Perfume Genius). Patricia Sullivan (her list of clients is astonishing) of Bernie Grundman Mastering mastered the track. House of Nod produced the music video, with cinematographer and film maker Robert Kolodney directing it.

Barrie’s discography

Dig single (2021)
Happy To Be Here ext. EP (2019)
Happy To Be Here LP (2019)
Singles EP (2018)

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