Jaguar Sun and Jesse Maranger release ‘Autumn Fire’ (from Blooms EP)

Jaguar Sun and Jesse Maranger release their second single, 'Autumn Fire', from their forthcoming 'Blooms' EP.
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Chris Minielly of Jaguar Sun and Jesse Maranger have been close friends for a number of years, first encountering each other at work during a safety meeting. They quickly found that they shared a lot of interests, primarily that of music. Both living in the same metropolis in Ontario, Canada, it wasn’t long before they began supporting each other’s projects, providing feedback, and performing together.

They decided to release a joint EP project together months ago, after sharing music that they were working on. During the creative process, they provided light additions of instrumentation and background vocals to each other’s tracks. They both contributed two songs to Blooms. The result is a cohesive Blooms EP that flows gently from beginning to end.

Jesse Maranger’s music is a minimalistic folk sound. He uses distinct drum loops that sound earthy, as though a mic is set on the other side of the room with a close overhead added to the mix. Autumn Fire is the second single of Blooms, a song that Jesse wrote. This is a dynamic song that quiets down in parts, and builds with layers of experimental guitar sounds, provided by Chris. When the song crosses the three minute mark, it develops into a swirling dreamscape with subtle noises and atmospheric guitars.

Autumn Fire follows the first single, Sunset, a track that Chris wrote. Sunset is rich with atmospheric electric guitar slides, blending delays and trailing reverbs. Bright drum beats, which Chris creates using his Native Instruments Maschine, bring energy to the nearly haunting guitar tones. Jesse adds light vocals near the end, placed deep in the mix that they’re easy to miss on the first listen.

Blooms is coming out April 23 via Born Loser Records, but you can preorder the cassette or digital download now on BandCamp. It’s a great EP (we’ll post a full review soon) that gets better with each listen.

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