Music Videos: Hause Plants, TEEN BLUSH

by | May 14, 2021 | BandCamp, News, Videos

Hause Plants – Only You

Hause Plants – Only You (YouTube)

Portuguese band Hause Plants released Only You, their third single and music video from their forthcoming EP, Film For Color Photos. BIRTHDIY will release their EP on May 28. Led by Guilherme Machado Correia, Only You has a guitar driven dream pop sound that builds nicely in dynamics from jangle pop to fuzzy guitars.

The music video was directed by Manuel Casanova and was shot on 16mm film. Artist Matilde Tudela is featured dancing freely in a beautiful home, with clips of the band performing the song.

We’re really excited about this EP! So far, they have released Visual Diaries and Summer Salt. Manuel Casanova has directed all three incredible music videos, marking them with his grainy film and aged coloring signature style.

Hause Plants links:


TEEN BLUSH – Ghost (YouTube)

TEEN BLUSH independently released a music video for his new single called Ghost. The song is a welcomed continuation of the synth pop sound heard in Extra Ordinary, though simplified in production.

Ken Foss of TEEN BLUSH mixes a fun patterned synth, tape warped analog pads, and a simple drum loop… creating a banger to start your summer. He passes his vocals through a narrow EQ with varying repeated delays.

Noah Keckler directed the video, which find TEEN BLUSH in a sea of colorful balloons. Blue and red characters run around Chicago with Ruby Vallejo. It’s a fun music video that matches the song perfectly, something we’ve come to expect from Keckler and TEEN BLUSH. The song and video are both brilliant.

Teen Blush links:

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Jon Morrow releases sophomore single ‘I’m No One’

Jon Morrow releases sophomore single ‘I’m No One’

Jon Morrow is a songwriter from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, writing dreamy and personal songs. He uses a drum machine, which sounds like a beat from an old Casio (that’s a positive), a looping electric guitar running through a tremolo or vibey chorus pedal, and layers of vocals and harmonies with a high pass filter applied.

Husbands open 2022 with ‘Wishbone’

Husbands open 2022 with ‘Wishbone’

Husbands release a superb bedroom pop single, ‘Wishbone’. Samantha Crain joins them on vocals, while Wil and Danny contribute synths, guitars, and drum machines. Catch them on tour, starting later this month.

Puddlegum Studio and Plans for 2022

Puddlegum Studio and Plans for 2022

A 2021 developed, so did my vision. My goal was to move toward expanding the blog as a full-blown recording studio, both co-existing and supporting the other. This vision is taking shape, and the studio will be opening in the coming weeks.

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