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Husbands release Must Be A Cop, Burn The Witches (singles)

Husbands released their first songs of 2021: Must Be A Cop, and Burn The Witches. Their Instagram channel has periodically shown them working diligently on new material for months, so we have been anxiously anticipating their new material. The new album will have at least eight songs, and these are the first two singles.

Must Be A Cop is a brilliant lo-fi beach pop song. Mixing reverb drenched and saturated vocals, with guitars that blend together in thick ambiance. Bass and drums punch through the mix, and tight harmonies elevate the song in segments. It’s an energetic song that I immediately enjoyed.

Circle the lot
Must be a cop
With Grizz in his teeth
As he jacks the last spot
Take another lap
Curse karma, she has failed you again

Husbands – Must Be A Cop (BandCamp)

Burn The Witches steps back a bit with less reverb and instrumentation. It’s a downtempo song that reminds me of their Garth single. This song has more breathing room, a programmed Casio-sounding beat. The guitars have an unmistakable tape saturated sound that matches their lo-fi aesthetic so pleasingly. Both of these songs are golden.

In 2020 they released a thirteen track album called After The Gold Rush Party, along with Wayne John, seventeen outtakes and demos that they recorded between 2015 and 2019. They closed out 2020 by sharing seven cover songs as IGTV video (we really enjoyed these covers), recorded while they were finishing an as-of-yet released album.

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