Kowloon has been actively releasing ridiculously addictive bedroom pop songs since early 2020. Several days ago he released the hook filled single, Late Last Night, his seventh single since debuting with the sensational Walk With Me. A filmmaker in Los Angeles, Kowloon is writing music in his home studio utilizing Ableton Live to tweak his sounds, bouncing stems to a TEAC reel to reel. His songs are waiting to blow up, and I fully expect that they will.

His latest single has a danceable indie pop vibe, carrying this trend further with each release he pushes. What makes his music additive? He mixes drum machines, clean staccato guitar licks with bright verbs and chorus tones, with distinct bass lines that help develop melodies while elevating the groove. His vocals are mixed with vocoder-sounding effects, and textured fluid synths develop intriguing dimensions. You can hear the tape saturation particularly in the vocals, adding a really nice harmonic texture. Late Last Night carries on his theme of love songs and tension in relationships.

I was late last night
I guess I opened the door to this
I don’t want to fight
I can’t take much more of this

Kowloon – Late Last Night

Kowloon’s debut EP, Come Over, is promising 35 minutes of “love songs set in a time of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe, with anxious, dread-filled lyrics that are as timely as they are post-apocalyptic.” Thus far, the EP has been delayed, but we’ll enjoy each single as they’re released.


The cover art for his latest singles are by Manshen Lo, an artist from London. Her minimalistic designs are stunning and so beautiful. Her website describes her visual art better than I can: “She investigates the subtle tension between humans and urban space in contemporary life.”