Stray Fossa releases ‘Orange Days’ single and music video

Stray Fossa released their second single, 'Orange Days' from their forthcoming debut album, 'With You For Ever'. Daniel Belgrad reviews the single and music video.
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Stray Fossa – Orange Days (YouTube)

Written by Daniel Belgrad (Vern Matz)

Stray Fossa’s newest single, Orange Days, and video maintains a Real Estate surfer rock ethos, while imbuing it with a twist of nostalgic warmth. Put together, the video’s grainy film and the song’s powerful low end underscore roundness; the song emanates from the chest, fitting given Fossa’s lyrical content.

In a reductive sense, the song is a longing for better days, or orange days as the band puts it. But beyond that, the song has too much danceability to confine itself to the nostalgic indie department. There is real forgetfulness and acceptance here, a refreshing and breezy take on the perpetual distancing of time. Super 8 footage generally tugs at the heartstrings, but Fossa’s video gives us an intentionally dated piece of comedy, an interesting and playful choice. That the past can be recalled and recycled is not painted as an act of suffering; but rather, a moment of fluidity, grace, and wholeness.

The pulsating drums utilize a really catchy tom rhythm, and the bass runs tightly to the tune. The use of guitars is clever, often pushing the Tame Impala style effects, but restraining them when the soft vocal takes center. The song structure is rebellious, oscillating its intensity with regularity and subverting the listener’s expectations. I’m always impressed by the musicianship of Stray Fossa, it’s a band that would be exceedingly lovely on a live stage.

Until then, we’re lucky to have Stray Fossa and others to keep us company throughout the quarantine, pushing the boundaries of a bourgeoning genre that loves to look backward, as a means to trickle ahead. 

Stray Fossa joined us on the Puddlegum Podcast, discussing their debut album, With You For Ever, the recording and mixing process, and the first two singles.

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