For our third Puddlegum.tapes installment, we bring you Plume by Shimmertraps, a psychedelic dream pop single. This five-piece Bellingham, Washington band is prepping to release their a full-length, LOOK!, on vinyl in June through Spirit Goth Records.

Plume has a heavy pumping effect (sidechain compression triggered by the kick), a sound that Shimmertraps capitalizes well on. That might be the first thing you notice, but there is so much ear candy in this single. The melody and synth sounds playing off the pumping effect creates a serious hook that makes this song addicting!

Shimmertrap’s next single, Shutter View, will be out May 27th. Pre-save it here. You can listen to Plume on Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Apple Music, and watch the music video on YouTube.

Enjoy the tape!