New Music: CASTLEBEAT, Tide Rider, Eagle Eyed Tiger, Ruby Haunt

New music Friday brings two singles from CASTLEBEAT and Tide Rider, and new LPs from Eagle Eyed Tiger and Ruby Haunt.
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It’s Friday, which means there are loads of new singles, EPs, and albums to catch up on. Here are a few to check out.

CASTLEBEAT – Into (single)

CASTLEBEAT released a new guitar-driven dream pop tune called Into. The song marks a shift from synthpop. Guitar layers are clean with gentle reverb smoothing their tone, synths are placed behind the music, with a straight-forward beat up front in the mix. His vocals are blended with a subtle ambiance, while retaining clarity.

Josh Hwang of CASTLEBEAT runs the Spirit Goth, an active record label that releases new songs and albums almost daily. Check out their Cassette Club for a monthly cassette subscription.

Tide Rider – Late In Your Car (single)

Tide Rider has a new single called Late In Your Car, a downtempo song that has a backstory. The song has a rich synth tone with tape saturated vocals. As always, his melodies are memorable and stick in your head. A warm bass line comes in halfway through the song to add dynamic.

Tide Rider is the surf-pop project of DeBoe Truss of Kelowna, British Columbia, and DeBoe shared with Puddlegum a bit about the song. “When I first started hanging out with my wife she would park outside the restaurant I worked at and wait for me to get off work,” explained DeBoe. “I would finish at like 10pm and we would talk all night.”

Earlier this year, Tide Rider released Golden Eyes, a single that hit Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

Eagle Eyed Tiger – Untether, Unravel (LP)

We’re excited about the new Eagle Eyed Tiger full-length, Untether, Unravel. The album is twelve tracks of synthwave, some instrumental. Smile for the Camera album was one our favorite albums of 2020. Untether, Unravel is a darker album with slower and more complex builds.

This is one to spend time with, as I will certainly be. Expect a proper review soon.

Ruby Haunt – Watching the Grass Grow (LP)

We’ve written about several singles from the new Ruby Haunt album, but Watching the grass Grow is out! This album is incredible from the brief listen we’ve had so far. Guitar, piano, light synth, whispery vocals, and clean drum tracks define the tone. It’s the perfect dream pop album to take with you on a road trip. We’ll have a review up shortly.

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